helping communities recovery for over 50 years


Experience Matters

The full-time D&J Enterprises disaster support team is dedicated to provide rapid, coordinated and efficient response to any disaster situation that requires outside support- and we have the personnel, equipment resources, strong financial backing and experience necessary to do just that. Our extensive 50 years experience has created an abundance of knowledge and experience for our principals, managers and personnel. With our extensive experience, along with our ability to self-perform any size project immediately, D&J is your trusted partner in a time of need. Contact D&J today to see what this experience can do to help you Be Prepared!.


History Matters

227 separate, federally declared disaster response contracts

Experience in continental United States, US territories, Caribbean and Asia

Over 50 years experience in disaster recovery

Over $1B in federal contracts

At times, employing over 600 employees, 575 contractors and over 5000 trucks daily


The Difference Matters

US Army Corps of Engineers prime contractor for Hurricane Rita in the State of Texas. Handled over 4M cubic yards of debris

Largest company owned equipment list in the industry

Experience in responding to hurricanes, tornados, floods, ice storms, snow storms, earthquakes and fire clean-up. 

Currently the US Army Corps of Engineers prime contractor for the NWD and the reach back contractor for the SAD.